Hybrid Toyota Supra, the next Ferrari, and the Toyobaru Coupe 2011

It is time once again a popular news semi-permanent, where you can upgrade some interesting things happening in and around the world can drive, you probably will not read the article. (If you read the newspapers, that is.)
We start with two news sports cars such as Plessy Ferguson and gentlemen, are very different, but equally important.

The first message that, despite repeated denials to the public, Toyota is working on a successor Supra expensive sports cars. There are rumors that a new generation of packaging V6 hybrid drive from a total of 400 horses, but the production of hybrid versions of those life on our planet, thank you very much. RWD is almost certainly a style by the FT-HS concept car inspired by a chance to be. Hope next year's models, a concept car production in autumn 2011.

Toyota FT-HS Concept

Since the success of the Nissan was with him, it is surprising that Toyota waited so long that their average weight of a sports car. It would be interesting to see how the hybrid technology from Toyota is the high efficiency, especially because his only company exploring the possibilities of technology in sports cars. (See below).

A new sports car is being developed in Japan in the second, called "Toyobaru" cheap sports car jointly by Toyota and Subaru. After 7Tune, Sport Subaru STI variant of the device, except that Toyota has decided to offer a car engine.

The report also shows, insider Toyobaru has a style similar to the Lexus LF-A, which was a violation of the super-fans for many years, a concept car, a prototype machine, and even thinly veiled racism. Can it be assumed that the joint task Toyobaru (do not know how they will name it, I love the sound here) want to keep the price of 2 million yen today, a little 'more than $ 20,000.

The LF-A attempts to hide by closing its eyes and pretending it's invisible.

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