Concept Car : MINI Cooper Countryman 2011

How much of the MINI without its charm and unique appeal?

he offered his first appearance on our shores, the MINI Cooper, the smallest car in the United States, was the most versatile machine, faster, more spacious and less expensive on the road. But it was fun to drive and breathe the fresh air throughout the internal market, bigger is better, drawings, similar to hit the U.S. car buyers are becoming something different.

But his appeal over the past two years, U.S. sales fell by Cooper dropped the top in 2008, 54 000 and 47 last year, as some skeptics that the MINI can win the United States continues . Just see how it not only costs but also to recognize the reality of the American market, the British car manufacturers sassy mass, its mighty mites only slightly.

In the spring of 2011, MINI has the farmer initial 4-door, the MINI brand, and a modern, yes. With respect to Cooper, a farmer of a giant. It offers more cargo space behind, the more space for passengers and more than one instrument or the Cooper Clubman.

Although most of the MINI can I make this appeal to the Americans feared that the farmer has the fun factor is the different models of MINI. Guys, we were wrong.

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