Best Motor BMW K 1200 GT New Design

Best Motor BMW K 1200 GT New Design
new K 1200 GT, BMW practically redefines the idea of sport touring by upgrading the bike’s most important features such as the engine. A combination of refined styling, hard-hitting power and all-day comfort, the BMW K 1200 GT is an inviting bike always ready to leave the State with you on its saddle.

Introducing the new K 1200 GT, BMW Motorrad is strengthening its worldwide market leadership in the touring segment and gaining an even greater lead in the market. Following the success of the former model bearing the same name, the new K 1200 GT opens up new dimensions in riding dynamics and long-distance qualities, once again proving the outstanding skills and competence of the white-and-blue marque.

A special feature of the K 1200 GT is that this new machine does not require the slightest compromise, but rather overcomes the apparent contradiction between superior sportiness and a high standard of touring

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