2011 Benz S600 with 5 Speed Automatic gears

The latest 2011 Benz S600 is well designed and entirely updated from old version.The new 2011 Benz S600 is powered with 5.5L V12 liter engine and 2011 Benz S600 car with 5 Speed Automatic gears . the working of engine can produce a 510@5000 hp power.New Mercedes-Benz car gives fuel consumption of 11/17 in city/Hwy.

2011 Benz S600 is a Gas Engine / Sequential Electronic Fuel Injected, Sequential Port Fuel Injected Sequential, Multi-Port Fuel Injected vehicle and Valves Configuration is Single Overhead Cam.The new car from Mercedes-Benz has a compression of 5513/336 and 3.23x3.43 displacement.Mercedes-Benz developed their new model 2011 Benz S600 in luxury stile and $158,050 priced.The Bore X Stroke of the 2011 Benz S600 is 3.23x3.43.

2011 Benz S600 gallery pictures wallpapers

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