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3D peugeot 504
3D peugeot 504 were almost identical with cabrios. Launched at the same time as the cabrio, the coupe was just a tad more successful due to easy roof maintenance which, unlike the cabrio's folding soft-top, could have only been harmed by falling rocks. Equally beautiful, the two cars registered entirely different sale figures with the cabrio having sold in some 8000 units and coupe reaching close to 27,000 owners.

peugeot 504 collections
On September 24th - 25th 2004, the “PEUGEOT 504 Community” were having a nice trip together to have a one night camping in Salak Mounting. 3D peugeot 504 volcano is located about 100 km south of Jakarta, with an altitude of about 1000m above sea leve

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